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Since the beginning of time, humans have sought altered states of consciousness for healing and connection to the spirit world. All cultures have found ways to attain this state by either meditating, dancing, chanting and, of course… by breathing.

Conscious breathwork involves a rhythm that differs in intensity and speed to normal breathing. We all take the breath for granted, but few people know that it is a powerful tool for personal transformation. It allows you to relax as well as to release any form of blockage – within the body, mind or emotions – and is thus especially effective for dealing with psycho-spiritual imbalance. Breathwork is a metaphysical approach to therapy, and, in my experience, it brings such clear realisations and visions about life, that significant shifts in physical reality become possible. Via breathwork, you may experience and appreciate your personal potential in a tangible manner, and understand yourself within a broader spiritual dimension.


Various types of Breathwork exist – ranging from Holotropic Breathing (developed by Stan Grof), which lasts for about three hours and is accompanied by evocative music. Rebirthing is fits into a more conventional therapy format, while traditional forms of Indian breathwork include Pranayama and Kriya Yoga.

Tree breathwork


Developed in the 1970s, this technique has become popular worldwide due to its success as a treatment. It is a form of holistic therapy for accelerated transformation.

Rebirthing couples breathwork with an analysis of your limiting patterns – in knowing the archetypes that straight-jacket your being, you may also discover the seeds of your potential. Among the areas explored are limiting birth and childhood patterns that continue to inhibit your growth, as well as developing areas of forgiveness, abundance, creativity and spiritual growth.

Rebirthing helps the participant leave behind the conditioning of the past in order to LIVE personal truth.

Multidimensional Breathwork

This form of breathwork involves the “breathing” of the Five Spiritual Elements; it may be done with eyes closed, or with eyes open (in a group) situation. It inspires deep peace as well as eliciting an experience of unconditional love of self and others.

The Five Spiritual Elements are:

  • The Conscious Breath (representing air): the vehicle for prana (life force energy).
  • Divine Light (fire): consciousness, inspiration, illumination.
  • Unconditional Love (water): the “glue” of the Universe, which holds everything together, thus inspiring compassion, acceptance and gratitude.
  • Personal Truth (earth): the essence of the individual’s being and the energy of integrity and protection. Very often we compromise our own truth, to follow the truths of others or the beliefs conditioned by society.
  • Quintessence (Fifth Element): the state of transcendence and divine insight that comes at the end of the breathing session.

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