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Meet-up: 16 May

"Kronos & Healthy Boundaries"

Kronos (or Chronos, the root of "chronology") is the Titan god of time, and also he who creates boundaries. This relationship can be seen in our third dimensional reality, where time is one of the defining limitations that are (almost) impossible to overcome.

Perhaps one of the big lessons of our spiritual experience in this physical reality is learning to transcend limitations; yet protection and safe space are fundamental for healthy growth (thus respecting the parameters of third dimensional and embodied existence).

In this session we will reflect on the healthy boundaries and the unhealthy constrictions we create for ourselves... and what lies beyond these...

Our Community Meet-Ups are live, free and last for about 1 hour.

Live Zoom session time:

South Africa - 7PM
West Europe - 7PM
United Kingdom - 6PM
Brazil - 2PM

EST (NY, FLA etc) - 1PM
CDT (IL, etc) - 12PM
PDT (CA, etc) - 10AM

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What's new

Pilgrimage to Santiago-de-Compostela (Spain)

Join us on this sacred journey through North Spain, which becomes the stage for encountering the heights and depths of your True Self.

On this sacred journey, you will be immersed in the beauty of the Spanish countryside, architecture and culture while channelling the intense power of the Camino. This 21-day programme is conceived to bring personal transformation, group sharing and spiritual connection through guided processes presented daily.

Starting in Leon (Castile): Friday 5 PM, 17 June.
Closing in Santiago de Compostela: Thursday 9 AM, 7 July.

Logistical zoom session: 12 March. Whether you are signed up or not, you are welcome to join this meeting in which we will discuss everything necessary for this CAMINO process.

Although I will only request confirmation deposits in early 2022 (given unpredictable world events), please let me know if you are interested and I will book your spot provisionally.

Practice "Five Elements Breathwork"

This simple technique creates a meditation space through visualisation and breathwork. It can be a preamble to any existing spiritual practice you follow... or use it as a stand-alone meditation.

Contains: Explanation of technique; Practical guided meditation.

One-to-one consultations

My approach in private consultations is to reconnect you tangibly with the personal and spiritual truth at your core. This unleashes a transformational power that brings about lasting change, in which the brighter light of your soul dispels such ‘darknesses’ of personality as fear, anxiety and trauma.

Sessions are not just about gaining insight or feeling better afterwards, but are geared towards facilitating longlasting shifts in your life.

Breathwork and hypnosis sessions integrate the analytical ‘discussion’ aspect with the visceral experience of an altered state of consciousness - which inevitably brings healing, insight and vision.

I offer all sessions in-person or via Zoom and Skype.

Breathwork takes you into a state of altered consciousness, which intensifies the therapy experience and brings direct connection to your soul or higher self. A session lasts 90 minutes, with 45 minutes for discussion and 45 minutes of breathwork.

Hypnosis re-programmes the sub-conscious mind, which inevitably reflects as shifts in your emotions, beliefs and life in general. Hypnosis can help resolve past trauma, unravel personality issues and bring vision for the future. A session lasts 90 minutes: 45 minutes for discussion and 45 minutes of hypnosis.

Tarot cards read the subconscious mind in order to examine the underlying beliefs that are forming your experience - which, in turn, affects how your future unfolds. When you understand your inner workings, you can change the future. A session lasts 55 minutes; it includes 2 main spreads as well as covering specific questions.