Personal transformation is essential if we are to lead fulfilling lives. Constant and conscious growth keeps us anchored in the present moment so that old decisions and traumas may be cleared, making it possible to steer ourselves toward the sort of life we desire.

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Transformation is a journey of making more space for the Divine, thus raising our frequency and opening to miracles daily.

Transformation can be messy and it takes some effort. At times, it may be gut-wrenching in its intensity, for the path often throws up unexpected challenges; however, the process always eventually gets us to a haven of healing, wisdom and inspiration that makes all the work worthwhile.

The path of transformation is to be walked one step at a time. Showing up regularly brings results.

It is - and can be - that simple.

World in transition

Since 2020, our world has entered unchartered territory. We are in a state of flux and transition. The challenges facing society in the coming years on social, political and spiritual levels will bring about profound change.

The maps that used to work may no longer apply. Now, we have the opportunity to chart the new territory together, as co-creators, building a better world. To do so, we need to be whole and healed as individuals. We need to be free in body, mind, emotion and spirit... to walk in love, light and truth… to look forward in unity, hope and faith. Individuals standing together are strong. And the journey is all the more fulfilling when enjoyed among friends.

Whether in-person or via the internet, my commitment is to creating a space of sharing, healing, support, and learning from one another.

We have many powerful tools at our disposal; they are simple, fascinating and make the journey a whole lot faster.

Trance and Transformation

Non-ordinary states of consciousness allow a direct experience of the Divine in our body, being and world. When we raise our frequency, we transform our lives.

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Conscious Breathwork

Simple, safe and very powerful. It is one of the most effective ways to access relaxation, healing, inspiration and higher purpose. It can relieve past trauma, as well as bringing vision and hope for the future.


Archetypes & Mythology

The gods and goddesses of mythology - also known as 'archetypes' - are psycho-spiritual powerhouses. We can tap into their energy for guidance and growth.

Classical Mythology


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I am blessed to have worked closely with Jacques since 2010, where his work and counsel has brought about the most transformative years of my life. Jacques’ passion and love for his work is felt by everyone who has worked with him. I have witnessed the successes of his work in helping others find their higher state of consciousness. He has been a sound mentor with a calming, graceful, and balanced demeanor that makes you feel comforted and supported. He radiates pure love!

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I am incredibly grateful to Jacques for his masterful guidance in breathwork. It helped me learn so much about myself and start of breathwork journey of my own!

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The first 6 times I tried doing breathwork, I really struggled getting past my self judgement and out of my mind. Thanks to Jacques' coaching I was able to push past my blocks and reach spaces I never dreamed of. Now I look forward to every breathwork session.

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Hello, I am Jacques. Astrologically, I am a triple Gemini (sun, moon and ascendant), which means I have an on-going desire to learn, comunicate, travel and transform. As a balance, I also have many planets in earth signs, which bring grounding and constancy.

I was born in Australia in 1971, and since then I have lived in South Africa, France, and, currently, I reside in Brazil.

I have degrees in architecture (B.Bdg.A), psychology/languages (B.A) and French Literature (Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, France), as well as having studied astrology, the Tarot, mythology, hypnosis and many other healing modalities.

In my work, I am principally a breathwork practitioner. Conscious breathwork is a tool that has brought great transformation to my life on many levels. After training as a Rebirther, I have explored many different breathwork styles. Since 1996 I have been facilitating breathwork in groups and one-on-one; in person and via the internet.

I am deeply influenced by shamanic practices, having studied in Brazil and Peru. The ancient medicine paths, earth wisdom and spiritual mysteries are an integral part of my personal growth as well as something I offer others.

I am an artist… at least I think I am. Since adolescence, I have been studying art history, hanging around galleries and practicing my technique. Painting centres me and is a satisfying spiritual practice. I am currently completing the third version of the “Classical Mythology Deck” in oil paint.

I am a pilgrim. Not only through life (as are we all), but my love for the Camino de Santiago-de-Compostela in Spain has taken me back there 15 times since 2001. I have walked this road alone and in the groups that I facilitate along the way.

My commitment to spiritual growth is long-standing and an integral way of life for me. My passion is to share what I have learned and to facilitate transformation in others.


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