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One-Year Breathwork Process

The "One-Year Breathwork Process" is a very powerful way of learning some of the ins and outs of conscious breathwork - in theory and practice. It is also a means of exploring deeper psychological and spiritual principles, such as birth trauma, childhood trauma, prosperity consciousness, relationships and higher spiritual connection.

This is a 10 month process for self-development, as well as exploring the deeper dimensions of breathwork.

Sessions will be run via zoom, and will contribute to a larger breathwork training process (for which certification is optional).

Format: Ten Sessions will be held on one pre-agreed Saturday per month via Zoom - lasting lasts approximately 3 hours. Each session includes theory, group sharing and a 45-minute breathwork process.

First session: 25 February: “The Power of Conscious Breathwork". The first session is free of charge, giving potential participants an experience of the Process. 
Following sessions: 23 March, 22 April, 20 May... (dates may be subject to change and can possibly be adjusted according to group needs).

Times: EST 11am; Brazil 1pm; Europe 5pm; South Africa 6pm. Times may adjust due to Summer Time and Daylight Saving.

Price: US$650 for full 10-session process.

Please contact Jacques if you have further questions.

Camino 2022

I have put together a video giving a personal and spiritual look at my journey along the Camino de Santiago in the summer of 2022

The dates for my next Camino:
    Start: 11 August 2023 (Leon, Spain)
    Finish: 31 August 2023 (Santiago de Compostela)

You can see the full video of my journey along the Camino in 2022 below:

Practice "Five Elements Breathwork"

This simple technique creates a meditation space through visualisation and breathwork. It can be a preamble to any existing spiritual practice you follow... or use it as a stand-alone meditation.

Contains: Explanation of technique; Practical guided meditation.