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Monday Meet-up: 18 December

"December Solstice"

The Solstice marks the point at which the tilt of the Earth's axis changes and seasons shift. In the Northern Hemisphere the light is reborn as the darkest night of winter passes. In the Southern Hemisphere, the exuberance of high summer gives way to the introspection of autumn.

Observing this seasonal shift not only prepares us for the next cycle, but allows us to take stock of our growth over the previous six months. It is a time when the subtle energies of the Earth are in flux and we can align our intentions with the coming cycle.

Live Meet-up sessions are live and free.

Live Zoom session time:

South Africa - 7PM
West Europe - 6PM
United Kingdom - 5PM
Brazil - 2PM

EST (NY, FLA etc) - 12PM
CDT (IL, etc) - 11AM
PDT (CA, etc) - 9AM

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Bali Breathwork Retreat

Jacques Theron and Patricia Lawson invite you to join us on this sacred journey, on which we will experience the sublime beauty and spiritual power of Bali... combined with an intensive transformational Breathwork process.

Bali, "The Island of a Thousand Temples”, is considered by the Balinese people to be a realm where gods and humans coexist; where the spiritual and physical worlds meet. This earthly paradise is filled with lush forests, volcanic mountains, the beauty of the Balinese Subak rice terraces, and tropical beaches.

On this 10-day retreat, we will experience a transformational Breathwork process intensified by the beauty and spiritual power of Bali. We will practice various styles of transformational and sacred breathwork - ranging from therapeutic techniques, to breathwork practices in holy sites and temples. We will have access to spaces not often open to the public; living sites of worship and ritual practice that will enhance our process.

Daily breathwork practices will contribute to an overarching process to attune to the sacredness of the land and the aliveness of ancient traditions. The Spiritual process will focus on the ”Trimurti” - the sacred Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva & their consorts Saraswati, Lakshmi & Parvati.

The retreat includes:
   - Spiritual practices in local temples, blessings from priests, a water purification ritual & more...
   - Breathwork sessions in natural settings such as waterfalls, rivers & mountain areas...
   - Learning how to make the "Canang” offerings (dedicated to those who watch over the land) & their purpose...
   - Traditional temple dances based on the Ramayana.
   - Retreat participation hours will contribute towards the ”Breathwork Practitioner” certification by Jacques Theron.

The package includes:
   - 10 days of Breathwork & Facilitation by Jacques Theron.
   - Accommodation (2 persons/room) at Balitri Villa in Sukawati (East Bali).
   - Three Traditional Balinese meals per day; all meals are vegetarian with some optional meat side dishes. Vegan also available at a small extra cost.
   - Transportation, access to sites, teachings from Balinese guides, dance performances.
   - Reading with a Balinese Shaman.
   - Snorkeling off a boat on the east coast of Bali.
   - All-inclusive Retreat cost: $3550 (excluding flights to and from Bali).

For more information, please Contact Jacques or Patricia Lawson.

Please also visit Mythical Journey Tours on Facebook.

The Mystery of Pre-Roman Italy

There are striking similarities between the polygonal stonework structures of Peru and the Latium (Lazio) region in Italy - we can probably rule out that they are part of the same culture - since the geographical and chronological distance is great - although their motivations for building in this style are probably similar.

The Italian structures are shrouded in mystery, since we do not know who built these fortresses and temples. Jacques Theron visits some of the most impressive architectural remains of this forgotten pre-Roman culture that flourished close to the Eternal City of Rome.

Camino 2022

I have put together a video giving a personal and spiritual look at my journey along the Camino de Santiago in the summer of 2022

The dates for my next Camino:
    Start: 11 August 2023 (Leon, Spain)
    Finish: 31 August 2023 (Santiago de Compostela)

You can see the full video of my journey along the Camino in 2022 below:

Practice "Five Elements Breathwork"

This simple technique creates a meditation space through visualisation and breathwork. It can be a preamble to any existing spiritual practice you follow... or use it as a stand-alone meditation.

Contains: Explanation of technique; Practical guided meditation.