Since the beginning of time, we humans have sought altered states of consciousness for healing and connection to the Otherworld. All cultures have found ways to attain non-ordinary states through meditation, ritual dance, chanting, medicine plants, and, of course, via conscious breathwork.

We generally take the breath for granted, and few people know that it is a powerful tool for personal transformation that is available to all people at all times. We can practice conscious breathing while in exalted states on spiritual retreat, or in mundane situations, like when washing the dishes.

Conscious breathwork simply involves changing how you breathe. This brings about balance and alchemy in body, mind, emotion and spirit. Different techniques have different results, be this: a faster or slower tempo; breathing through the nose as opposed to the mouth; doing so in silence or accompanied by music; breathing to clear the mind or in conjunction with intentions.

Conscious breathwork allows you to relax as well as to release any form of blockage – within the body, mind or emotions – and is thus especially effective for dealing with psycho-spiritual imbalance. Breathwork is a metaphysical approach to therapy, and, in my experience, it brings such clear realisations and visions about life that significant shifts in physical reality become possible. Via breathwork, you may experience and appreciate your personal potential in a tangible manner, and understand yourself within a broader spiritual dimension.

Transformation and Manifestation

When you practice conscious breathwork, your life changes.

It CAN'T NOT change, because the prana (life-force energy) carried on your breath is intelligent; it knows what to do in order to viscerally transform your body and inner being.

Breathwork accelerates manifestation precisely because it realigns you with your core truth and incorporates it into the body - thus changing low frequency beliefs.

The physical body is like tuning fork that resonates a particular energy. When you change your unconscious beliefs, you attract like frequencies in the outside world.

Various Styles of Breathwork

Many different breathwork techniques exist. Each style has a different intention or result. The most ancient forms that developed in India include Pranayama and Kriya Yoga. In recent times, prominent techniques range from Holotropic Breathwork to Rebirthing.

Some techniques that I offer are:

44 Breaths

is a quick and effective “turbo-boost” for your meditation practice, which can be practiced several times a day.

The Cosmic Tree

builds your spiritual body on Three Planes: Underworld, Earthly World and Celestial Realm. These correspond to our unconscious, physical and spiritual aspects, respectively.

Intuitive Breathwork

is a free-form style practiced lying down. It teaches surrender, letting go and learning to trust the Divine. It is non-directive, so you go where you need to go. This technique also tanks you up on prana (life-force energy), purifies your being and brings bursts of inspiration.

Ecstatic Breathwork

accesses deep, transpersonal states by combining breathwork and music. It helps you enter a vortex of ecstasy and spiritual communion.

Future Tapping

combines breathwork and visualisation, to help you tap the energy and insight of your Chosen Future. Accessing the potential of the future brings insight into the NOW.

This technique was showcased in “The Breathing Festival 2021”.