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Mythology Cards

Jacques first published the “Classical Mythology Deck” in 2007, and since 2019 has been re-working it with new illustrations and research.

So far, Jacques has created new oil paintings for the 16 Olympians, 9 Primal Gods and is working on the illustrations for the Titans. It is still a work in progress, although a printed version is already available, as are the “Mythology Deck” emails (see below for more details).

On each card, the front side consists of visual and symbolic information that reveals the nature of each god or goddess. These images stimulate the intuition and allow access to the archetypal realm.

On the back of each card is factual information relating to each god or goddess, as well as a divinatory interpretation and affirmation.

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Mythology and Archetypes

The Mythological realm exists in the collective unconscious as a vast repository of information relating to the human condition. Stories from mythology offer examples of how to act in the world or reflect on personality types.

The characters appearing in myths are ’archetypes’, which may be gods, goddesses, spirits, heroes, angels or personifications of a principle (such as “youth”, “evil” or “justice”). Astrological signs are archetypal, as are the states of nature (like “spring”, a thunderstorm or the four elements). The “Hero’s Journey” is an archetypal story that relates to entering the Unknown in order to attain power, healing or knowledge.

Although the stories of mythology may be inspiring or entertaining, they have a psychological depth that can guide us in the process of personal growth.


Usually people have one or two archetypal modes of behaviour activated in their personality. Understanding which archetypes consciously or unconsciously affect our behaviour is a powerful way of increasing awareness of self.

Understanding our different roles in the world.

We usually play different roles at work, at home, among friends or on the sports field - each relating to a different ”archetypal mask”. These masks can be swapped for more effective ones when we understand the conscious and unconscious dynamics of our behaviours.

Conscious Transformation.

Archetypes can determine our behaviours in the world, but may also be invoked and worked with in order to effect transformation. If, for example, you feel you need to improve in your career, you may invoke or develop the qualities of the goddess Athena; if you seek love, Aphrodite could be of assistance.


Divination and oracles are an effective way of attaining guidance, understanding events in our lives, or gaining vision for the future. Archetypes for divination are found in the Tarot cards or I-Ching, as well as in the “Classical Mythology Deck.