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Inspired Therapy

The essence of a human being is like a diamond – it is clear, perfect and powerful, a container for light. The sparkle of this diamond can, however, be dulled by layers of grime that build up over the years… accumulated fear and the process of conditioning are among the pollutants. This external build-up of dirt limits the shining through of personal truth.

Cleaning off the layers may require awareness of self – in accepting both the good and the bad within -, as well as dedication in clearing limiting beliefs and the willingness to transform. Following this process, every day, more and more, the glow of personal truth will shine through.


Any form of therapy creates a contained space that allows the release of negativity in an appropriate manner – for example, feeling the emotions of past trauma could be dangerous if done in the street or while driving, whereas the support of the therapeutic space allows free expression and catharsis.


Spiritual Healing

Reconnection to the Inner Divine is one of the most potent forms of self-healing. It facilitates a “soul retrieval” – which calls your Self back to yourself; which returns the bits of your soul that have splintered off to wholeness.

Pilgrimages like the Camino de Santiago provide the space and time for such reconnection, as well as drawing on the sacred power of the ancient walk.