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Jacques Theron

“It is truly magical to assist in the process of individuals and groups contacting their personal truth, then transforming their lives accordingly. I consider it my life-task to facilitate such shifts in others, where possible…”

Jacques TheronJacques was born in the Australian Outback in 1971. Since then he has lived on four continents and learned to speak six languages fluently… having studied a total of twelve. He gained degrees in architecture (B.Bdg.A), psychology/languages (B.A) and French Literature at the Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis (France)… and has also worked as a ceramicist and artist.

In 1996 Jacques acted on his true calling: practicing as a therapist and writing full-time. Since then he has trained extensively in Hypnosis (SAIH), Rebirthing & Breathwork (IBF), Astrology (AIRS), mythology, Tarot and the symbolism of the unconscious.

“The Building Blocks of Tarot ” (a book explaining the symbolism of the Tarot cards) and “Healing Doorways ” (a visualisation CD) were both released in 2004. In 2007 he published the “Classical Mythology Deck “, which he illustrated and conceived. The latter is a set of 90 cards covering the main gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology.

Regularly writing articles for local and international publications, Jacques has also been featured on South African radio (Cape Talk, SAFM, 702) and ‘Free Spirit’ (SABC3).

Jacques first walked the Santiago-de-Compostela pilgrimage in Spain in July 2001. The experience touched him so profoundly that he now runs a facilitated spiritual process along this ‘Way of the Stars’ with other pilgrims every year.

He currently lives in São Paulo (Brazil) travelling regularly to South Africa, Europe and the United States.

Please contact Jacques with any queries or comments.